Procrastination with separation

wine“My marriage is not going well because of my husband's alcohol abuse. Our son also suffers. It would be better, if the husband lived apart (there is a possibility). The son would regain his emotional balance, I'd have less educational problems with him. I don't feel attached to my husband, I am not dependent on him. So why am I delaying the decision to separate??”

Your life situation – although difficult – has positive aspects. It may be convenient for you, which seems seemingly paradoxical. For your failures, unrealized plans may burden your husband. It is because of him that you did not achieve the expected professional position, has not defended her doctoral dissertation so far, you are having difficulty with your son. Perhaps you are afraid, that while living on my own account, he will no longer find such an obvious excuse for his own mistakes, neglect? In the new situation, you will have to find the reasons for your failures in yourself. Giving that interpretation to your situation, I assume, that the emotional relationships in the marriage have expired and the husband's attitude cannot be changed.