Tie and character

tiestell me, what kind of tie do you wear, and I will tell you, what are you like. Ties reveal many of a man's personality traits.

A man wearing a polka dot or large polka dot necktie does not usually have time to rest. His profession requires, to be a man of action. At the same time, he is honorable and stubbornly pursues his goal. He can change jobs, if he comes to a conclusion, that he dreamed of nothing else. If he meets the woman of his dreams, we will know her. He likes to laugh, be of general interest, he lets himself be pampered. If a woman does not adapt to it, becomes a tyrant.


The owners of such ties are romantics. They are people with hot hearts, emotional, full of understanding for others. Women, which they love, are always the most important for them, of flowers are mostly creative professions or have at least creative interests. They also like life in the countryside. They avoid problems and unpleasantness, that the prose of everyday life brings with it, or they turn a blind eye to it. They long for harmony and often see the world through rose-colored glasses. Well, when their partners are women who keep their feet on the ground and are able to bring their overly dreamy masters from the clouds to the ground in time.


Who prefers stripe ties?, transverse or oblique (gladly in classic colors), is correct, faithful and careful, but also eager for success. He would be a great family father, if he saw his children a little more. Because work means more to him than anything else. A fan of stripes is known for his common sense, he hates chaotic thinking or acting, He plans his career meticulously. It is no accident that the striped tie is a classic symbol of a businessman.


Geometric figures, small cars, Tie ornaments characterize men who hate chaos and noise. It is an indispensable partner, you can trust completely. He is a man with a rich spiritual life, endowed with a biting wit. He does not lose self-control, and his reactions are thoughtful. It can be provocative. It can lead to white fever for his partner.

PS. If you think, that when you change your tie, your character will also change, you are wrong. The tie shows, what's your character, but unable to change it.