Who to complain to?

quarrel“I am twenty years old. I am recently married. I have a sweetheart, one year old daughter. Unfortunately, For about a year and a half, there have been sharp quarrels between my husband and me. I'm beaten by him, humiliated, frightened by taking the child away and abandoning it. Rodzicom nie mogę się poskarżyć ponieważ przestrzegali mnie przed związkiem z mężem. I didn't listen to them. Now I do not know, where to turn for help.”

If the situation at home is like this, as you described it, then I have nothing else, how to advise mrs, let you calmly reflect on your marriage and its prospects. You have the choice of continuing a failed relationship or asking your parents for help. To, that you did not heed their earlier warnings, does not mean after all, that they would not help their daughter and granddaughter.

I have a feeling, that apart from the feeling of being hurt by your husband, you feel overburdened with the obligations related to the care and upbringing of the child. Is a disappointment, the husband's dissatisfaction with the manner, how you fulfill them, they are not a source of conflict? The affirmative answer does not justify the partner's brutal behavior, but it is also worth taking a critical look at yourself and trying to correct your mistakes before making the final decision.