Interesting facts about hair

Interesting facts about hair

Does hair affect attractiveness??

Men prefer to date women, who have a great body than beautiful hair. But most women say, that they would rather date a balding man than an obese man. Or at least that's what a recent survey says.
Online survey 1019 people on also discovered, that 25% woman and 20% men believe, that wearing a hat or hat may affect hair loss. “Wearing a hat is one of the hair loss myths. However, there is no link between wearing a hat and baldness, says a hair renewal specialist, Oscar Klein, założyciel i prowadzący stronę oraz producent innowacyjnej linii produktów do odnowy włosów.
Other discoveries:
61% men stated, że nie pociągają ich kobiety z przerzedzonymi włosami
The overwhelming majority of men (81%) and women (89%) believes, that the tendency to lose hair is hereditary.
Most (81% women / 76% men) argues, that frequent use of shampoos has no effect on hair loss. However, it was found, that frequent use of coloring or straightening agents can contribute to weakening the hair. He agreed with this claim 1% surveyed women.
Only 11% men take care, that stress can affect hair loss. This is actually the cause 10% alopecia cases. 4% men take care, that alopecia may be a side effect of medication use.
The vast majority of women and men say, that their curls are the most beautiful in the world. Men also liked the hairstyle of Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts the most. Fabio and Antoni o Banderas became the women's favorites.
Badanie przeprowadzone przez Greenfield Online Research bazuje na internetowej sondzie, covering 1019 adult people. It lasted for days 20-27 of December 2004 year. The margin of error is 3%.


Hair says it all!

In the history of mankind, hair has always been a symbol of prosperity, beautiful. It was also believed, that they have a magical meaning and are a source of strength.
Today, hair is also the source of answers to many questions. New methods of DNA research will tell us why mammoths became extinct and what is the origin of the human races. And in the future, they may play an even greater role in investigations and investigations.
“Until now, you had to drill into old bones if you wanted to compare the genes of a mammoth and an elephant, or to see how they faced the Ice Age before extinction. Usually, the DNA found was also insufficient and contaminated. But the DNA in the hair is very pure because it is surrounded by keratin, a kind of plastic membrane, which protects the hair and the DNA itself. Think of all the extinct and hairy animals in museums around the world. We have a lot of work ahead of us, ”says Thomas Gilbert.
The research focused on the mitochondria. It is a kind of cellular power plant and is perfect for comparative research, both humans and other mammals.
Professor Eske Willerslev, who is an expert in finding traces of DNA in sediment and organisms and who also discovered the oldest living bacteria is enthusiastic about the new method.
“New research methods are related not only to the past but also to the present, for example in forensics. Of course it takes time, so that they can develop and give 100% certainty in any case. Obviously, a certain amount of hair is needed, which is not always easy to get at a crime scene. However, it is a matter of time and improvement. Another advantage is the fact, that this method can be assisted by very quick, modern sequencing machines and the results will be available the next day " – says Eske Willeslev.
Thomas Gilbert collaborated with employees of numerous universities and research centers, including those from the USA, Russia, Belgium, France and Sweden during the development of this method.

Is baldness a disease of the 21st century?

Unfortunately, thorough scientific research has not yet been carried out, which made it possible to unequivocally confirm this thesis. Japanese researchers found, however, that in their country the number of people losing their hair has increased significantly since the Second World War. To the question, what's behind it, they tend to change the way the Japanese eat, that occurred during this period.

It is related to the Western diet, in which you eat more meat rich in saturated fat. This has the effect of raising cholesterol levels, which results in baldness. So far, there are no studies that would ultimately confirm this hypothesis.

It is certainly true, that the deteriorating quality of life, accompanying I have constant stress, smoking tobacco, poor diet and environmental pollution are factors that contribute to hair loss. They can significantly speed up this process and make it more intense, even, if the direct cause of baldness is genetic determinant.

Berlusconi's Secret

The Italian prime minister is known for his crude behavior, passion for luxury, beautiful women, plastic surgery and… bald patches, which she carefully hides.

Italians love to laugh at their prime minister and any reason is good for them. A few years ago, Berlusconi had a hair transplant operation. Still, though, to make a small retouch, uses masking products. Keratin fibers are perfect for this, however, they should be used in moderation. Unfortunately, this word is foreign to Berlusconi, therefore, it often comes with an unnatural hairstyle that resembles freshly laid asphalt, which becomes the theme of jokes.

Let us remind you, that the result of this type of retouching depends on the speed at which the keratin fibers are applied. From 20 seconds to 1 minutes – this is how long it should take, for the hair to look NATURAL.


The world's first "green" hair dye

If you love to dye your hair and you feel and look better, then you have remorse, knowing how it affects the environment - never again.
Japanese scientists have invented an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hair dyes. Their invention is also devoid of side effects, such as the need to re-dye frequently and the possibility of skin irritation and hair damage.
Every year, millions of people lighten their hair with products containing oxidants. The paint contains hydrogen peroxide, which is extremely effective in removing the pigment that gives them dark color. However, you usually have to reapply the paint every few months, which can weaken the hair.
The new hair dye is made from a mushroom variety, which purifies the earth. It naturally replaces melanin and other dark hair pigments, not having the same side effects as hydrogen peroxide.
Research author, Kenzo Koike of the Kao Beauty Research Center in Tokyo, says, that this enzyme could be added to traditional hair dyes, to avoid weakening them. Despite this, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide will still have to be in the new paint, because it is necessary for the operation of the product.


We will all be bald

According to Japanese scientists, it is a pity to waste time fighting hair loss. Do 2500 Evolution years will do anyway, that every man will be bald.
Today, every fourth man and every tenth woman are at risk of getting bald.
Freaks of nature

He gives some people a lot of hair, others suffer from hair loss. Everything is programmed at the beginning of fetal life.

Human skin germ cells divide and "specialize": hair follicle cells are formed from them, sweat glands, nails. They decide about it 3 proteins encoded in genes.

When cells become, for example,. hair follicles, send signals to adjacent to them, to stop them from similar transformation. It is at this stage that it is decided whether in the future we will have lush curls or rare strands and bends. Scientists will learn about this process and its mechanisms in mice.

Experiments conducted by English researchers are of great importance not only for balding people, but also for people suffering from a disease called ectodermal dysplasia. It is when skin cells are not transformed into other tissues, including. in the hair follicles.
The most common form of this serious disease is anhydrotic dysplasia, also known as the Christ-Siemens-Touraine team (CST).

It is a genetic disorder of tissues and organs, which occurs early in the fetal life. People suffering from it don't have teeth, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, do not sweat. Their face is disfigured by protruding frontal bumps, the sunken bridge of the nose and thick, curled lips. Usually this defect appears in boys, its carriers are women and occurs once in tens of thousands of births.


The longest hair in the world

67-year-old Vietnamese Tran Van Hay by 31 lat nie chodził do fryzjera i zapuścił czuprynę o długości 6,2 meters. Wants, for it to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record in this field belonged to the Thai Hoo Steow, which in 1997 year, he could boast of a length of hair 5,5 meters.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, St. 1994 a Hindu's hair has reached length 4.23 m.

21 listopada 1997 Hoo Sateow's hair was measured in the year. His hair was long 5.15 m . They are the longest curls in the world! Hoo beat his brother Yee by a hair – Yee had a huge braid 5 meters in length. The villagers helped Hoo wash her hair once a month using a variety of detergents and water. Hoo started growing his hair in 1929 year, when he had 18 years. Earlier that year, he had his hair cut and became ill, then he swore, that she would never cut her hair again.

Wioletta Graboś from Warsaw has the longest hair in Poland. Dissolved counts 232 cm!!! Braided in a braid 189 cm !!! Her hair is braided and wrapped in a crown around the head. He has been growing them since childhood, does not go to the hairdresser. When asked what is the recipe for the longest hair in Poland, she honestly answers: – I do not know. They just grow on their own…? Ms Wioletta defeated the current holder of the record for the longest hair in Poland. It was Eliza Czarnecka from Gdynia.


The most precious hair in the world

The most valuable hair turned out to be that of Elvis Presley. An eight-inch lock of hair was sold at an auction for 115,120$. Presley's personal hairdresser sold it – Homer Gill Gilleland.

The most beautiful and the worst celebrity hairstyles

The American singer Carrie Underwood was recognized as the best-groomed star of last year. Among men, the winner turned out to be… Denzel Washington.

In the category of the worst hairstyles, they took first place: Britney Spears i Kid Rock.

Here are the top three places in the ranking:

The best female hairstyle of the year 2007:
1. Carrie Underwood
2. Eva Longoria
3. Reese Witherspoon

The best men's hairstyle of the year 2007:
1. Denzel Washington
2. Johnny Depp
3. Patrick Dempsey

The worst female hairstyle of the year 2007:
1. Britney Spears
2. Courtney Love
3. Pink
The worst men's haircut of the year 2007:
1. Kid Rock
2. Clay Aiken
3. Zac Efron

The worst female haircut 2008

Aubrey O’Day
Lily Allen
Alicia Keys
Janet Jackson
Britney Spears
Mary-Kate Olsen
Katie Holmes
Hillary Swank
Melanie Brown
Amy Winehouse
Jessica Simpson

British “The Sun” prepared the ranking “the worst” hairstyles of footballers playing in the English league 2008


1. Jason Lee
2. Abel Xavier
3. Javier Margas
4. David James
5. Joe Cole
6. Djibril cisse
7. Taribo West
8. David Seaman
9. Ivan Campo
10. Barry Venison

Hair thieves

At the beginning of the year, there was an original theft in Aracaju in eastern Brazil. Two men cut the woman's hair with a machete, which drove them through 20 years. The attackers on the motorcycle managed to escape with the one and a half meters of loot. Probably hair, which value has been assessed at 500 dollars will be sold to some wig maker.
Baldness is sexy!

According to CBOS, only 24% women considers, that their ideal man should have lush hair. Many bald heads attract ladies like a magnet. Actors are considered very attractive, like Bruce Willis, Laurence Fishbourne, or Piotr Fronczewski. And the boxer Przemysław Saleta, argues, though it doesn't have to, shaves his head, because others like it better.


For the paint to court

A story a bit like a comedy, but absolutely true: a woman from the United States, Charlotte Feeney, filed a lawsuit against L'Oreal. All because of bad hair dye, which she had a misfortune to hit.

Charlotte, blonde, bought home paint in a store. Wskutek błędu w fabryce w opakowaniu znajdowała się jednak ciemna farba. Dziewczyna była przerażona rezultatem i postanowiła pozwać producenta.

Brunettes are better wives?

But, these polls. It's kind of bullshit, but everyone likes to talk about them. According to the results of one of the last, carried out by the company of the well-known hairdresser Andrew Collinge, the majority of 3000 gentlemen, she said, that… she prefers brunettes. At least when it comes to marriage.

Dark-haired ladies are gaining, because they are associated with faithfulness and loyalty.

Blondes are synonymous with sex, extravagance and infidelity unfortunately.

What about Collinge's hairdresser himself?

Well, after all, men marry persons, and not just their hair. It's about the human.


The largest collection of hair

John Reznikoff from Connecticut, USA has the largest hair collection. He collected hair from 115 world famous people like: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Elvis presley, King Charles I, and writer Charles Dickens. The estimated value of the collection is over one million dollars. Reznikoff buys 3 hair samples each year. It only collects hair from people, that had a positive impact on the story. She is now looking for hair from famous athletes, and Mark Twain, Shakespeare and the Presidents of the United States.


Blondes and blondes have more hair

Blondes and blondes have more hair, with average 140,000 hair on the head, however, they have the thinnest. Brunettes and brunettes are next and average 110,000 hair on the head, and red-haired people have the least, medium 90,000 hair, redheads have the thickest hair.


Twoje włosy naprawdę stają dęba kiedy się boisz.
Włosy brwi rosną około 2 months before they fall out.
Niektóre ssaki pounding, elephants and rhinoceros have almost bare skin.
Japoński malarz namalował na powierzchni włosa włosem mysim stu cesarzów.
Obcinanie włosów nie przyśpiesza ich wzrostu ani nie powoduje, that they grow thicker.
– A hair can be stretched about a third of its length in water, without damaging it.
Włosy rejestrują bodźce mechaniczne i przekazują je do układu nerwowego.
Włos ludzki jest bardziej wytrzymały od miedzianego drucika o tej samej grubości.
Włosy znajdując się na ludzkiej głowie są razem tak silne, that they can support the weight of a hundred people.

-1997 roku Shamsher z Punjab, Indie, he had a measuring beard 1.83 m long from the bulb to the tip of the hair. To jest najdłuższa na świecie broda u żyjącego mężczyzny. The longest beard in history was that of Hans Langseth from Norway, whose beard she had 5.33 m measured after Kensett's death in 1927 year.
Radhakant Bajpai z Naya Ganj, Uttar Pradesh in India has the longest hair in the ears, which measure 13.2 centimeters. The measurement was made by a specialist doctor, Dr.. Gupta.
Bracia Victor Larry i Gabriel Danny Ramos Gomez z Meksyku są najbardziej owłosionym rodzeństwem na świecie, 98% their bodies are covered with hair.

Siwienie można odwrócić

This is good news for people, who have gone gray as a result of tremendous mental shock, often losing their hair due to alopecia areata at the same time. Scientists managed to restore the natural color of hair in laboratory conditions. Metody tej nie da się na razie wykorzystać do walki z naturalną siwizną. Badacze z Manchesteru i Lubeki wykorzystali do swojej pracy cząsteczkę podobną do ludzkiego hormonu odpowiadającego za stymulację melaniny zwaną K(D)PT. Od sześciu kobiet w wieku od 45 do 65 For years, the hair follicles were collected and then placed in the laboratory, where identical conditions were recreated, to the hair of people suffering from severe physical or mental stress and alopecia areata. Turned out, that after the K molecule therapy was performed(D)PT, the amount of dye produced by the bellows has increased significantly. Is it possible to speak of a spectacular success?? It is probably too early for that. It is not known whether the same effect can be obtained under normal conditions outside the laboratory. Research is ongoing.

The age-old mystery of graying has been solved – informs the letter “The FASEB Journal”.

Our hair turns gray, because more and more hydrogen peroxide is formed in the hair follicles over time, that is hydrogen peroxide. Under the influence of this compound, the normal synthesis of the natural dye of our hair is blocked – melaniny.

The discovery was made by an international team, by studying cell cultures of hair follicles. The decrease in the activity of the enzyme that decomposes it is responsible for the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide – katalazy. In addition, the levels of enzymes that protect the hair against graying drop in the hair follicles – MSR A i MSR B.

In addition, high levels of hydrogen peroxide combined with low levels of MSR A and MSR B interfere with the formation of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of the dye – melaniny – in the bellows. Perhaps similar changes in the skin lead to the formation of discolored patches on it (bielactwo).

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