Breastfeeding and disease / cold

Breastfeeding and disease / cold

The sick season is in full swing. Ways to catch a cold a lot, pharmacy shelves buckle under the weight of over-the-counter drugs. Certainly, each of us already has our proven methods of catching a cold, but if you are breastfeeding you need to be vigilant.

Start with home remedies:
– for a stuffy nose / runny nose inhalations i garlic beads,
She is good too marjoram ointment i essential oils, which is used to drip the pillow before going to bed.
for a sore throat rinses (salt water solution, a solution of water with soda, sage),
– for a headache its,
for a fever cold compresses on the liver and forehead, but also a decent sweat under the covers.

You can help yourself with medications:
Tamtum green (Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me)
Ibuprofen though opinions differ. My midwife says, that ibuprofen is better than paracetamolu, because although it passes into the food, it is in very small amounts). The choice is yours, because what a doctor is an opinion. In the hospital, they gave paracetamol ... and a friend took ibuprofen for (as prescribed by a doctor).
– You certainly can't swallow aspirin!

I have survived the disease twice already and I did not take any medications. Of course "I suffered", but after 3 days I walked like newborn. What is not done for the baby ;p

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