Breastfeeding and slimming

Breastfeeding and slimming

Every woman after pregnancy would like to get back into shape as soon as possible. The first things that come to mind are diet and sports. And here comes the STOP sign!

Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, pierwsze dwa miesiące jedź wszystko to na co masz ochotę i dużo odpoczywaj!!
Do not go on long walks with your baby, do not lift the cart on 3 floor, let someone close to do shopping (husband, mama, aunt, grandmother, tata, cousin, friend, anyone..) I assure you, that only such an attitude will allow you to regain your strength ! The body will regenerate, and pregnancy kilos will slowly disappear on their own!
W 3-4 mc there is more and more work with the baby, so for sure the weight will go down!

For breastfeeding people:

  • we do not lose weight
  • we do not use drastic slimming diets
  • we do not play sports, which will take away all our energy
  • we drink a lot of water, freshly squeezed juices, herbs,
  • we eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, dairy products, white meat, fish
  • we eat bread! - I promise you that you will not get fat from bread! While on an elimination diet, I ate a lot of bread, pasta, rice and I lost weight anyway!
  • we walk - slowly at first, then faster, until we finally move on to brisk walking
  • jeździmy na rowerze – rekreacyjnie!
  • jeździmy na rolkach – rekreacyjnie!
  • we exercise crunches (Caution! I advise you to refer a doctor, when to start exercising crunches, especially after cc)
  • gymnastics at home - I would mainly focus on stretching, I also recommend exercises for the spine!
  • we are jumping rope (rather after 4-5 months)
How was it with me?
I gained 15 kg during pregnancy. I practiced a lot, but I have never limited myself to eating, I ate to my heart's content.
After giving birth, I lost 6 kg in one moment.
The hospital stay and meager hospital meals resulted, that I lost another 3 kg (anyway, my son also lost a lot, for 0.5kg)
I lost the remaining 6 kg until my son finished it 3 month. (without exercise, no weight loss diets)
As for clothing, it's already in 4 During the week, the maternity clothes were put aside, and I was happy to wear all my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts.
There are loads of women, which very quickly regained their pre-pregnancy weight without much effort, so I am begging YOU, DO NOT lose weight by rape!
Positive thinking is the basis of success.

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