Gluten in a child's diet. How to introduce gluten - semolina

Gluten in a child's diet. How to introduce gluten - semolina

Currently, you can find ready-made porridges with gluten on the market, as well as ready-made meals in jars containing gluten.

Nestle Milk semolina (po 4 month) / 10PLN
Bobovita dairy-free multi-fruit semolina (po 6 month) / 6 -8PLN
Bobovita dairy-free rice porridge with apples and pears / 6 -8PLN
Bobovita milk semolina (po 6 month) / 6 -8PLN
Merchant instant semolina / 2,50PLN
Dishes in jars,
Boboita vegetables with chicken and porridge (po 5 month) / 3,50PLN
Gebrer apples with semolina (po 5 month) / 3,00PLN
Gerber Bio dessert cereal with apples and bananas (after 6 months) / 5,40PLN
I focused mainly on porridges, because the jars are not of interest to us yet - we breastfeed until finished 6 month….
  • Kaszki Bobovity did not pass the first test criterion - they contain SUGAR! In addition, they can be administered after 6 month, and gluten is recommended to be introduced after completion 4 month ...
  • Nestle Kaszka went to the basket while shopping, but at the last moment I put the box back on the shelf. Why? The composition is modified milk and semolina. Apparently ok, but since I am breastfeeding, I would prefer to make porridge with water or my milk. Price. 10PLN for 250g. 50g of the powder is used for one portion (according to the preparation method described on the packaging)! It's not hard to count, that is enough for 5 days… and exposure to gluten is set to last 2 months. You could reduce the number of spoons and make porridge with 2-3 spoons, not z 5. We save a little on this, but we'll spend a fortune anyway!

So I bought the most ordinary semolina, price 2.50 PLN for 400g. I consume 2-3g for one serving (0,5 teaspoons). The packaging is enough for approx 130 days (4 months).So introducing gluten into your diet, all in all, it will cost us zloty :)

If it's supposed to be cheap, it will have to be done! And how.
The first attempt to prepare a small portion of groats for my son, made a lot of mess in the kitchen. Pot, lactator, scattered porridge, burnt porridge, strainer, teaspoons, steaming each vessel! Madness!! But I don't give up and it was better today. A system needs to be developed.
  • In the evening I take 50 ml of milk and put it in the fridge - it will be on 2-3 days.
  • He boils the groats in a very small amount of water, so that after cooking in the pot there is only groats - you do not need to drain it afterwards. This art requires practice, because the groats can burn ;)
  • Put the groats into a container and pour it with mother's milk (little,to cover the groats). I put it in the heater at 40C.
  • After heating, give it to the child with a spoon.

you can also give groats with milk, from a bottle ... but with us usually after drinking milk, the groats remained on the sides of the bottle. By serving groats with gluten with a spoon, I was sure, that gluten was in the right amount of gluten in my baby's tummy.

Preparation time 5 minutes!
-cooking porridge: 3min
-meal preparation: 2min (mixing the porridge with my milk and heating it up)
Washing dishes: individually. from 2 minutes to 20 minutes :)

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