What for lunch for a child and a baby ? Fast dinner

What for lunch for a child and a baby ? Fast dinner

Works in a corporation. Full-time, often overtime. It takes me an hour to travel to work one way (regardless of whether I travel by communication, by car or by bike ... although recently I rocked and I was by bike in 50 minutes ;p)

So… I'm not home around 10am. Lovely. I hate this! When I didn't have a baby, I didn't care. I liked after 10 during working hours, go to the gym and I was at home approx 21, 22 . Well..

You know what I do when I come home after work? I throw everything in the corner, I wash my hands, I change into sweatpants and rush to the kitchen to cook dinner for the next day. In the meantime, I am playing with the longing child, I'm talking with my husband, I watch the news and think about life. There is rush, but as soon as I get over it, I have time for everyone ...

I have a couple of ways to speed things up. The most important thing is lunch for the child! There must be and enough. A hungry child cannot go. We will manage it somehow, although I must admit it, that it's nice to eat a warm dinner in a moment of peace.

What for a dinner for a child?

I have developed a method for a quick nutritious lunch for a child. Vegetable soup a`la aleo it's my number one and I always do it when I have no idea or I don't have enough time.

Cream soups are disliked by my boyfriends, so I will not write about them today.

Like, that my child is male, then the soup must be thick. I do this sometimes, that I put dense on the plate and pour the rare ones into the cup - Dzieciok loves such a combination! I peck a vegetable with a fork and wash it down with a soup

Dice vegetables, stripes or discs. I take what I have at home or I managed to buy it on my way home from work.

I will add, that I am always on the alert frozen broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.

When I have meat, I cook vegetables in broth or if I have a whim meat I add to the vegetable stock.

Usually it is added to the soup pasta, rice, millet, groats pearl barley or simply potato. It happens, that the prepared dish is asking for buckwheat, so I am giving this to my little cutie. All kinds mash, homemade noodles also worth doing for a variety. It only takes you to prepare the poured dumplings 3 minutes.

Well, this is an example of lunch No. 1: carrot, seler, broccoli, cauliflower, pasta

lunch no.2: broccoli, cauliflower, potato, a piece of turkey breast

lunch no.3: carrot, seler, parsley, for, tomatoes

lunch number 4: chicken breast, rice, tomatoes, carrot, parsley

lunch no 5: courgette, carrot, for, pepper, tomato

etc.. etc.. can be combined endlessly.

It interests you execution time ?

And this depends largely on your cutting skills. I have become so skilled, that it takes me to prepare vegetables for cooking 5 minutes. Cooking is done by itself, it's time to clean up, washing up or pleasures ;p

The vegetables are steamed or in the water. However, when he cooks in water, so I try to keep this water as little as possible and it comes out treatment. The situation is different when I cook soup with meat stock, because then it looks more like a soup than a cure.

It is important to start with cooking hard vegetables. For example, I put a carrot in first. I cook a moment to soften it slightly and add zucchini. Thanks to this, both vegetables are evenly cooked and the zucchini does not turn into mush.

Pasta, groats, I put the rice in the soup. He rarely cooks separately - I think, that the situation requires it or that I don't mind getting another pot dirty.. As with vegetables - rice takes a long time to cook, so I put it in at the beginning; pasta is express, I put in at the end; millet is quick too, throw in before the end etc etc..

Such a dish can be cooked safely for two days. I translate for containers (500ml) and put it in the fridge.

Good luck!

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