When to start potty training? A bit about NHN ...

When to start potty training? A bit about NHN ...

Moms like to engage in discussions very often, when asked: when to start potty training.

Recently, I found my way to the parents' forum, who promote dia-free education. Only after ten minutes of reading the discussion did I get through, that it is about newborns and infants! I couldn't believe it. I rub my eyes in amazement and look for confirmation, that's a joke.

Uncle Google proved to me, that NHN (Natural Baby Hygiene) it is reality and practice, which is also used in Poland. Although it is still not very popular.

Who came up with this idea?
Probably primitive people. In recent years there is a tendency to travel back in time. The 60's fashion is back, people are looking for healthy food, they set up greengrocers, they plant herbs in the house, they prepare their own cosmetics from natural ingredients,they bake bread, they prepare homemade ice cream, they raise goats for milk etc.. It's once, to the right, that we have a fashion to be ECO. And ECO is also associated, so to speak, with economy - but not for everyone.
Imitation of African or South American peoples is also in fashion, because they live in harmony with nature. However, we often forget, that they live in a different environment. There, a nursing mother sitting on the ground with her baby is not controversial, so even a childless child is nothing extraordinary.
I cannot imagine a baby "potty" outside the home, in our civilization. In the cafeteria, on a walk, in the shop. Therefore, we cannot avoid putting on a diaper completely, it is simply impossible.

What do I think about it? I have mixed feelings. Once, that the newborn is quite difficult to handle due to its flaccid body and head incontinence, hence potty planting seems quite complicated to me. In addition, such a small child has a bowel movement dozens of times a day. You have to devote yourself to the child in 100%, forget about making dinner, when your little one is playing on the mat - because he can give a signal right away, that he wants to pee, and you have to react to make any sense.

Probably if I had found out about it when my baby was born, I'd be looking for an opportunity to try this somewhat bizarre practice though. It would end up just like with reusable ones, because I am generally comfortable and I am afraid of dirt.

I would love to hear people's opinions, who can share their experience in this matter.


Elderly potty training - when to start?

For me, the matter is clear - the decision to potty must be a one-off. If you decide to take the baby's diaper off, it has no going back! Otherwise, you'll have a three-year-old wearing a diaper.

Age - in my opinion, the period from 18 months to 24 months is appropriate, but don't expect miracles. If the child clearly lets you know, that he is not ready for it, wait a few months.

You have to be sure, that your child understands and follows your messages.

Exercise 1: questions
– Where is the potty? - you ask.
The child points at the potty with a finger.

Exercise 2: commands
– At least to mom and sit next to you - give the order.
The baby walks up to mom and sits down.

Exercise 3: commands
– Sit on the potty - you give the command.
Your child sits down on the potty with your help. Be sure to practice sitting down on your own, contrary to appearances, it can be difficult.

Exercise 4: potty
The baby is sitting on the potty, and you try to make this moment last at least 5 min. Story, book, toys, food, other. The child must feel confident on the potty, must want to sit on it, he has to get used to the new situation. Come up with some fun, element of which is sitting on the potty.

Exercise 5: panties
Show your child how to remove the panties on their own. Dressing can be a problem, save this science for later.
Teach your child to walk in panties - we were crying at the very sight, so I tried to explain to him for two days, that panties are better than pampers.

If your child does exercises with a four / five, it's time to deodorize. It will go great for you!

Of course, I don't mind putting my child on the potty as soon as they learn to sit up on their own. I did that, as soon as I had a moment, and the son was busy playing and he did not care what and where he was sitting. However, he never managed to pee or poop for a potty, because ... he was holding back, and as soon as he felt, about to do something, it crawled to another place. He did not understand, that he can do it on the potty.
But thanks to incubating early, We had no problems with potty aversion afterwards.

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