Why do children eat crisps, they drink cola and refuse to dinner ?

Why do children eat crisps, they drink cola and refuse to dinner ?

I'm asking! Why do children eat crisps?! Why do I see a child under one year old so often?, sitting in a cart with a pack of Lays?

Is it really so hard to come up with a snack for a child ?

"It's just a baked potato"

… Sure. The potato is even healthy, because it has vitamin C.. Only, that this potato tastes different somehow. It is full of spices of nondescript origin, monosodium glutamate and a huge amount of salt. Salt retains water in the body, that everyone knows.

After the chips you want to drink, so…

"Sweetheart, do you want to drink?”

… Takes out a bottle of Coke. Before that, she takes a sip from the gwent herself, setting an example for the child.

I saw the yearling with Coke once, more often it is flavored water. Water full of sugars, dyes and other chemicals, about which the manufacturer does not write on the label, because it occurs in a negligible amount. No matter how little, important that it is and that it is addictive.

I will tell you about interesting facts, that after the closure of a certain mine, miners, who worked there soon died. Why? Turned out, that there were traces of arsenic in the mine. The body got used to the poison, and when she was gone ... death ensued.

Eat the carrot, Please"

... and ask yourself, I won't eat anyway. A packet of chips filled with a sweet drink and so confused the stomach. I have over 600kcal on the meter, and you give me a carrot, some chip, tasteless, no flavor, with no expression.

Maybe a nutella sandwich? Or chocolate pancakes "

… And when I eat, I'll get a candy?

I'm scared! And to such an extent, that in the last days I could not stand… it carried me. I held up bravely, I bit my tongue, but I couldn't help but glance that way, my heart began to prickle, and tears filled my eyes, when I saw small hands searching in an XXL plastic bag for another chip. Parents sipped beer on deckchairs and only from time to time lowered their children.

What happened a moment earlier ? The little one was crying: "Mom to eat", well, she got something to eat ...

The bun was not in the store ? Yoghurt ? Rice waffle ? Apples ? I'm asking ?!

I know, that there will be a scandal, because people are abnormal. They defend their misplaced rights, it is impossible to listen to this nonsense.

“This is my baby, what's up with this "

… I wish with all my might, to be taken from you, were fed vegetable soup, blueberry dessert, watered with fresh fruit juice.

“He's a fussy eater, I am happy, that he wants to eat anything at all "

… And this is most often the case.

Na moim osiedlu jest bardzo dużo dzieci. Babies, preschoolers, school kids… and guess what? 80% she is fat.

I laughed! In winter, I didn't see it, because jackets, scarf, hat or they did not leave the house at all. But now… when I see an 8-year-old girl with two donuts, big ass and deformed legs, BLOOD IS FLOWING ME.

I thought about her case for a long time, because I can see her in the backyard, already Fr. 9 in the morning and as the weather is favorable it runs between settlements to 22. She has a lot of friends and she's everywhere. Why is she so fat ?

First situation: Mom serves a large bowl with pancakes / pancakes / dumplings from the balcony (so, when it is warm, he eats lunch on the bench in front of the block)

Situation two: I meet her in the store. A pack of crisps, raisins in chocolate, bar and juice Kubuś. I think - he will probably share it with his friends. NO. Eats everything in front of the store!

Situation three: sits under the balcony eating ice cream from a liter container. I don't know if it was full, whether she ate a liter or only half.

Situation four: stands under the cage and calls her friend: “You will come out? (…) but take something to eat!”

And all clear…

in my opinion:

Preschoolers are poorly nourished because of their parents' fault, and actually from their bad eating habits, lack of knowledge, czy też czasu na przygotowanie posiłku bądź własnych udziwnionych teorii na temat jedzenia.

School children are getting fat, because they get money from their parents, and they do not control what the money is spent on; because colleagues feed; because the school shop tempts with delicacies; because eating an apple during a break is a shame and it's better to eat bun.

I do not cling to babies.

Eat the chips yourself(a) and give the child a cucumber, carrot, Kohlrabi chopped into strips or just buy dry bread and kefir. Do not replace the chips with salt sticks, because it's almost the same or worse. Give water to drink, compotes, juices squeezed from fruit / vegetables. There are plenty of possibilities!

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