What our children can do after they are 3 months old

What our children can do after they are 3 months old.

We are three months old now. Months full of excitement, sleepless nights… But most importantly, full of emotions and love. I didn't even realize, that babies develop so fast. Each day brings something new, another skill.

What children can do after 3 months of life? I invite you to the rest of the article.

Each child develops at its own pace. If our Roo can't do something yet, it will surely learn it soon. Learning new skills is individual and depends on the child. Adequate development of our beloved baby, it is the way it develops itself. It cannot be influenced by this, what other moms say, that their child already knows what. Simply put, our Treasures are the most important and the best for us.

So what skills can be mastered after graduation 3 month:

Skills a child may be able to do upon graduation 3 months:

– while lying, raise the head even at an angle 90 degrees

– laugh loudly

– give out cheers of satisfaction

– fold hands

– smile spontaneously

– track an item away from 15 cm from the face

– hold the head rigidly in an upright position

– in the prone position, lift the chest on the forearms

– make a roll from back to side

– grasp the hand ratchet

– react with eyesight to very small objects

After finish 3 months a child may even be able to:

– partially support your body weight, leaning on the feet

– stretch out your hands towards the object

– hold the head firmly when pulled up to a sitting position

– turn the head towards the sound source

As you can see, our child acquires new skills every month. It's amazing how many new things you can learn in such a short time. Sometimes I wish, that time stands still for a moment, to enjoy this moment, when my treasure is still so tiny. You do too?

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