Fertile days calendar

Fertile days calendar

Fertile days calendar it's a handy thing, which allows a woman to keep track of her menstrual cycle, namely, to identify unsafe and safe days for a possible pregnancy. Fertile days calendar to forma, in which you should enter the first day of your last period, the program with the help of different colors shows, which days are the most "fruitful". Try it out, calendar of fertile days it is really very simple to calculate!

To understand better, how the program works, we will give you the main factors, which were taken into account in its creation.

1. Ovulation in the vast majority of women (the only day of the month, in which the egg is ready for fertilization) it occurs around the middle of the cycle. take a look at calendar of fertile days – day of ovulation (exactly in the middle of the menstrual cycle), and the few days before and after it are marked in green.

2. The fertilization of the egg cannot occur in the days of menstruation, as well as at the very end of the cycle. These "safe" days are marked in pink (see the calendar of fertile days).

You can also check the accuracy of the data obtained, by monitoring your condition during ovulation.

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