How to recognize your fertile days

How to recognize your fertile days

How to recognize your fertile days ? - when the fertile days are coming, the symptoms of the body are different than when the woman has infertile days - you just need to be able to recognize them. It is possible, if we carefully observe our body and write it down in the calendar, when what change happened in him. Later, by calculating the fertile days of the symptoms repeated regularly will help to determine with greater accuracy, when a particular phase of the monthly cycle begins.

How to recognize your fertile days ?

The first symptom is a change in cervical mucus and its abundance - you can read more about mucus in this article - fertile mucus. Immediately after the end of the menstrual period, there is practically no mucus at all. Only when the production of estrogen increases, mucus with a sticky consistency and cream color appears - this signals the impending ovulation. During ovulation, the mucus becomes more and more transparent and stretchy, there is also much more of it than on the other days of the cycle.

Fertile days symptoms - mucus and temperature

The mucus must be monitored daily, and it's best to always do it using the same method, for example, lightly squeezing the cervix with two fingers. Another factor, on the basis of which we will check, do we have fertile days, is to measure the temperature. As with mucus testing, the temperature must also be measured daily. Additionally, the temperature is always measured in the same place (for example, under the armpit), always at the same time just after waking up. The temperature should be measured lying down, before taking any action. The temperature is marked with an accuracy of two decimal places on a special diagram, and then checks, what the cyclical changes in body temperature look like.

How to recognize your fertile days - additional information

Another symptom of fertile days is the position and consistency of the cervix. The cervix is ​​examined with the fingers at the same time each day, except menstruation. It is best to check the condition of the neck in the same position, for example, crouching. Pay attention to this when examining the cervix, whether the neck is hard or soft to the touch, how high it is stacked, whether its entrance is more or less open and what is its humidity level. In addition, the fertile days of the symptoms are also pain in the lower abdomen and breasts.

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