Days of infertility

Days of infertility

Infertile days - A woman has infertile days for the vast majority of her life, because an egg that is ready for fertilization leaves the ovary only once during the entire monthly cycle, in addition, when released into the fallopian tube, it lives for only one day, then dies. Each monthly cycle, provided of course, that the woman is healthy and does not suffer from any hormonal disorders, it is exactly the same.

The days of infertility usually begin shortly after the end of your period, however, this does not mean, that in every woman, menstruation is a "safe" period, because with very short cycles, the fertile phase may start at the end of your period. However, if your period lasts around three, four days, and the monthly cycle is not less than 28 days, you can say, that the entire period coincides with the infertile period.

The infertile days how to calculate them

This time frame, between the first day of menstruation and ovulation, it is called the phase of relative fertility, because its length can vary greatly. On the other hand, the "proper" infertile days follow ovulation, and this infertility phase is always the same, or 14 days. Women, that menstruate regularly to the day, can calculate the infertile days by subtracting a number from the cycle length 20 (beginning of the fertile phase) i 11 (end of the fertile phase). In case of, when a woman has irregular periods, it will be safer to observe your own body additionally, because each phase of the cycle is characterized by certain symptoms, which you can tell yourself.

Infertile days versus fertile days differences

One of the symptoms that helps determine the phase of the cycle is the observation of the cervical mucus. During the infertile days, there is little or no cervical mucus, whereas mucus is abundant during ovulation, about dense, sticky consistency. You can also check the condition of the mucus by examining it, what is the condition of the cervix - during infertile days the cervix is ​​hard and closed, while in the fertile phase, the neck becomes softer and more open. Another symptom that tells you about it, whether the woman has infertile or fertile days, there is a change in body temperature - during infertile days it drops by approx 0,2 degree C.

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