Fertile mucus

Fertile mucus

Fertile mucus is produced by the cervix, and the main task of this secretion is to create the best possible conditions for fertilization and the development of pregnancy. The fertile mucus allows the sperm to survive in the woman's genital tract, it also protects the uterus against microbial attack, which could harm the just fertilized egg. Poor-quality fertile mucus can also be the cause, for which a woman is unable to become pregnant, even though her ovaries produce healthy eggs that can be fertilized.

Fertile mucus

Fertile cervical mucus resembles chicken protein - it is transparent, highly stretchable, smooth and slippery. During the fertile days, there is plenty of cervical mucus, that the woman is accompanied by a feeling of humidity in the genital area. It happens sometimes, that on the day of ovulation, a small amount of blood may be noticed in the mucus. This should not be a cause for concern, because traces of blood during ovulation do not signify disease, but they are the result of bubble bursting, from which the egg cells are formed.

Fertile mucus and infertile mucus

While we have infertile days, there is no or no mucus, or the cervix produces only traces of mucus. In addition, the mucus during infertile days has a different consistency - it does not stretch, has a cloudy color, it is not slippery. We are talking about the hostile cervical mucus then, when its structure and quantity prevent fertilization. Too little mucus, as well as its very dense and sticky texture make it, that sperm cannot attach to the egg and enter the uterus.

Sometimes there are also anti-sperm antibodies in the mucus, which damage or kill the sperm. Cervical mucus hostility can be determined using the PTC test. At the time, when fertile mucus is about to appear, the woman should have sexual intercourse, and after a few hours a mucus sample is collected. If the collected cervical mucus is stretchy, and sperm, that got into him, can move freely in it, mucus is referred to as normal. The mucus is hostile then, when the mucus is unstretchable, and the sperm clumps together and hardly moves.

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