Brushes for your makeup bag

pedzelkiThey are as important as roses, shadows and powder Good brushes “paint themselves ” – even ladies not very proficient in the art of make-up, using them will achieve a perfect effect.

Three elements determine the quality of the brush: handle, pen holder and bristles. The handle should lie comfortably in your hand, therefore, when buying, be sure to check, whether it fits in the hand and whether we will be able to use it without problems. The pen holder is the second important element of the brush, which connects the bristles to the shank. It has to be very strict, then Italian will not fall out. However, the most important thing in a brush is the bristles. It should be suitably soft and durable.

They acquire the right amount of powder.
They are necessary to spread loose powder, but they also facilitate the application of the ironed one. With their help, we will get exactly that much of it, how much is really needed. Although it is commonly believed, that you should use very thick ones, round brushes, medium and slightly rounded are better. They are more convenient, ponieważ nie zasłaniają twarzy i nie zasypią policzków nadmiarem „pudrowej mąki”.

They apply shadows to the eyelids thoroughly. They have long ones, thin shanks and are flat (let's remember, to touch the eyelid with this flat surface while painting, not the edge of the brush). Zapewniają dokładniejsze wykonanie makijażu niż gąbeczki dołączone do zestawu cieni. They allow for any combination of colors, because the remnants of loose cosmetic can be easily removed from the hair, shaking them off or wiping them on a handkerchief.
Use a hard brush with a bevelled edge to spread the shadows around the eye contour.

They allow you to carefully outline the contour of the lips.
The bristles in the lip brushes are quite stiff, and the shafts are shorter than those intended for applying shadows to the eyelids. So they allow you to accurately mark the contour of the lips and spread the lipstick better than then, when we use the stick. Make it easier to mix lipsticks, if we want to use e.g.. two colours. Thanks to them, the lipstick stays longer, because we rub it more into the epidermis.

They evenly distribute the roses. Together with the box of this cosmetic, we often buy a short and flat brush. Unfortunately, these types of applicators leave visible marks on the cheeks: instead of a luminous halo, we have a colored smudge on our face. These are much better, which look like small powder brushes, because thanks to them the rose is evenly distributed. They should be handled like this. like powdering your face.

What to do, to serve a long time.
Let's protect them from dust.
The brushes for applying lipstick and eyeshadow should be cleaned after each use – we can wash them with eye makeup remover.
Wash the powder and blush brushes in lukewarm water with a little soap. Let us dry without wringing in a towel, then let's shake it.