When a child laughs, life makes sense

When a child laughs, life makes sense.

A child's smile is very powerful. It can brighten up any gloomy day. When a child laughs, life makes sense. The colors become more intense and the world becomes more beautiful.

Uśmiech dziecka jest jak sznur pereł…

After all, nothing gives a parent so much wings, jak widok uśmiechniętego i szczęśliwego dziecka. To właśnie on … ma magiczną moc. There is nothing more beautiful in the world, ponieważ dzieci śmieją się szczerze i prawdziwie. They are the Masters in this ...

This one little smile brightens up life. Mnie obdarowano pięcioma wspaniałymi i niepowtarzalnymi uśmiechami naraz. I'm very grateful, despite, że wychowanie piątki dzieci naraz to nie lada wyzwanie, It is also an honor to be parents to these wonderful little women. Someone may ask why? I am answering, because a child can teach adults three things: to enjoy for no reason, keep yourself busy and demand your best, what you want.

My children's smiles, they mean more than a thousand words to me.

Those soft smiles, which bloom on the faces of my little daughters, that I can't deny them anything. The love I see in those smiles and eyes gives me incredible strength. I forget about the troubles and worries of everyday life, thanks to at least one small smile ... and not to mention the whole set of five beaming faces at once.

That's why I think, that every day our children should have a smile on their faces, because then we - adults will know, that the world, which we show them is worth and our smile.

Our house is constantly busy and buzzing. The girls are curious about the world, everywhere are full of them, and at the same time an amazing amount of smile ... lots of smiles, who guests in our house every day. Both now as they have 9 years, when they sing and dance to us their choreographies for bedtime, but also then, when they learned to sit, crawl, and then walk ... there was always a smile and great happiness, czego można chcieć więcej? Przecież uśmiech naszego dziecka sprawia, that I am laughing, you laugh too, and you ... Nobody can resist this spell. The world is getting more beautiful, life makes sense, and the gray reality, gets colors like a magic wand. This small gesture expresses so much ... It is the most wonderful gift ...

Beloved, let's smile with our kids every day… let's start today !!!

It's free, after all, and so much can give us ...

That's why I think to myself, that the greatest trick is to laugh anytime, anywhere… Don't regret it, what was .. Don't be afraid of what will happen ...

smile !!!

On the occasion of Children's Day, we wish our Cudaks and all the kids - the bigger and the smaller ones - a beautiful day and many reasons to smile

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