Consequences of early intercourse

sex2If we consider the possible consequences (positive and negative) early sexual activity in relation to a specific person, it is impossible to predict them clearly. In scientific observations attention is paid, that early, i.e.. shortly after the onset of the first menstruation, the beginning of intercourse may have a positive impact on the development of sexual maturity. It is emphasized at the same time, that nature favors this period of learning to live together (both in the physical and mental spheres). Sprzyjanie owo przejawia się w występowaniuz reguły – anovulatory cycles (infertile) in the early period after the first menstruation, which, in a way, protects the maturing organism against too early pregnancy. In populations, where the rule is to start intercourse early, i.e.. ok. 14 the age of pregnancy occurs at approx. 18-19 year of life. Of course, There are many dangers involved in starting sexual intercourse early, e.g.. the potential risk of developing diseases transmitted through intercourse. Some of them may cause irreversible damage to the reproductive organ, affecting future fertility. Inne z kolei – e.g.. viral HPV infections - may be of significant importance in the risk of developing precancerous conditions and cervical cancer. This cancer is more common in women, które wcześnie rozpoczęły życie płciowe i miały wielu partnerów. A significant complication of a young girl's life, immature to perform serious social roles, it is very early to become pregnant (of course, this can happen despite the body's limited capabilities, what was mentioned).