thank you very much, but I don't drink!

bottle“It is not easy for a non-drinker in company. – You cannot drink the host's health?-the guests comment out loud. How can we behave in such a situation?”

Unfortunately, usually seems short for nothing: Thank you, but I don't drink. You can get out of the disease, taking medication or this, that you are a driver. It is also possible… pretend, that he is drinking, lift the glass to his mouth and put it back down. Eventually, however, someone will notice, that we are not diminishing in drink. We'll hear soon: No, to do dna, do dna… The only advice is not to break down and stick to your resolution. Let's also remember, that a toast is to raise a glass, not swinging it down. And about that, that toasts do not come true with vodka, and only wine. Under no circumstances should we cover the glass with our hand or turn it upside down. You have to accept it, there is an intruder at every party. Such, who will never understand, that no one should be persuaded to use alcohol. You just have to stubbornly stick to your categorical "no".