Caution, marriage fraud!

swimsuit guySummer is a particularly convenient time to "hunt". Then it is easiest to meet and seduce naive women.

During the holiday rush, it hunts in famous summer resorts. He is walking on the promenade, he spends a lot of time on the beach and watches. He chooses a victim very carefully. She must be lonely and rich. Lady, who barely saved a week's camping holiday, not worth the bother. A good marriage scammer quickly appraises the victim. He knows the value of jewelry, will recognize an expensive watch and a bathing suit from a reputable company. He is also a perfume specialist.

Which will fall into his net?
Many women think, that they would have no trouble deciphering the impostor. They are convinced, that they would never fall victim to a type like that. Nothing could be more wrong. The fraudster is a great psychologist. He is able to wrap a quite sensible representative of the fair sex. He will find a different path to each woman. The surest victim is your insecure and ineffective. Yes, who believed, that she is a gray mouse. So she is sitting in the corner waiting for a miracle. Slick hairstyle, not an iota of makeup, and quite shapely legs hidden under a long skirt. And here comes the Prince Charming. Handsome, elegant and charming. Something strange begins to happen – our mouse soaks up compliments like a sponge. Thoughts, that suddenly the gates of paradise opened before her and that this is her chance in life. He does not reflect, why the prince "forgets" to pay the restaurant bill and carefully inquires about her financial situation.

Its cute!
Doesn't analyze his behavior, he listens only to tender words. When a charming friend tells an extraordinary story about it, how he was robbed, she is not limited to showing compassion. He rushes to help immediately, proposes a loan and a joint vacation. The trickster hides, at first he doesn't even want money. After all, of course, he takes and… disappears like a dream. The second type of potential victim is middle-aged ladies, who are desperately trying to seize their last chance. Rich, well cared for – they think, that they can compete with teenagers. They brag about money, and the scammer takes advantage of it immediately. Because he knows many ways to seduce and stretch, one of them, unfortunately, turns out to be a bull's eye.