Blooming nails

cold“My nails are breaking, they are dull and "bloom". I try different nail conditioners, but that doesn't help. I do not know anymore, what to do.”

The nail diseases described by you may be caused by external factors, i.e.: using strong chemicals, washing off the varnish with acetone, poor nail care – and internal: past diseases that devastate the body, a diet low in vitamins, protein, minerals. I propose, that you would use a simple procedure: daily soaking the nails in warm olive oil with the addition of lemon juice and rubbing the cream with vitamins A, E. Such a procedure should be performed after finishing work related to soaking hands in water. I also advise you to use rubber protective gloves.

If you do not want to give up varnishing your nails, please use conditioners under the varnish. You can also use only this preparation, looking like a clearcoat. It strengthens the nails, protects them from breaking, split ends, yellowing and discoloration. For washing off varnishes, use acetone-free removers, because this strong agent greatly damages and dries the nail plate.

Flowering nails are characterized by white spots and are caused by a lack of calcium and zinc in the body, hormonal changes (ripening, menopause) or microtraumas at manicure.

So I advise you, to follow a diet rich in protein, vitamins A and E and trace elements (calcium, zinc, silicon) and consumed a lot of gelatin, which greatly strengthens the nails. Silicon responsible for the thickness and elasticity of nails will be provided to your body, by drinking horsetail teas or taking ready-made tablets with extracts of this plant. However, treatment with horsetail for too long may result in vitamin B1 deficiency.