How to put on your lenses?

lensesStarting with the basics - you should wash your hands before putting on contact lenses. If there are visible dirt on them, we should use water to clean them. It is not recommended to wash your hands with soap, which could irritate the delicate structure of the eye.

The next step is to reach for a special antibacterial liquid. A small amount should be applied to the hands, which will allow us to remove from their surface to 99% bacteria. The next step is to dry your hands. It is recommended to do this with paper towels, do not leave any threads or lint, which could then come into contact with the eye and reduce the quality of vision.

The next step is checking, that the lenses are not damaged. We should pay attention, that their surface is not scratched, that it has no nicks. if so, These lenses should be discarded and another pair taken. if not, we put the right hand on the index finger, the bottom of the fingertip, and the edges up and check, whether the lens has rolled off. How can this be done? Look at the lens from the side. If it has markings: 1,2,3 (such, what Acuvue lenses have, for example) easy to read, means, that everything is fine.

Time to put on your lenses. The contact lens on the index finger should be directed towards the eye, with your middle finger pulling the lower eyelid away, and with the other hand, use your index or middle finger to pull back the upper eyelid. The next step is to put the lens on the eyeball. Once we manage to do it, the next step is to gently release your eyelids and blink. Repeat the same steps with the other eye.

Of course, there are many methods of putting on and removing lenses (e.g.. toric lenses). Therefore, we should choose one, which will suit us best and practice it during insertion and removal of lenses (in the latter case, all steps must be performed in the same way, however, in a slightly modified sequence). The most important thing in the first step is to master your movements, so that our hands do not tremble, and the eyelids did not close involuntarily. This can be difficult at first, however, it is manageable.