Dog clothes

dog clothesOften, especially in autumn and winter, we meet dogs in jackets or overalls on the streets. Surprised, we wonder, why the quadruped needs such clothes.

It turns out, that dogs wear clothes not only because, that their guardians like it, but also for this reason, that they care for the animals. In many pet stores, between dog care products and packages with dry food, we will find a shelf with clothes. There are wetsuits, coats. bathrobes, denim sets, wedding dresses, flies, ties.

The coats are intended primarily for dogs with short hair, prone to colds, e.g.. greyhounds and dobermans. Made of goretex (warm, flexible, breathes great air) or nylon (slightly worse material, because it does not "breathe”) chronią przed wilgocią i grzeją w czasie jesiennych i zimowych dni.

The overalls, on the other hand, are made for long-haired dogs, difficult to care for. Owners of Lowland Sheepdogs and Afghans7 know very well, that their dogs need to be washed immediately after returning from a walk on a rainy day. Thanks to the overalls, they come home dry, very clean and will not catch a cold.

The owners of pets are also happy to buy them bathrobes. Psy, whether, do they like a bath, whether they hate it, they eagerly jump out of the bathtub and, when wet, lie down in their gentleman's favorite armchair or rub against a new one, a light beige sofa or a Persian rug. If the guardian manages to put the pet in a cotton bathrobe, the furniture will remain dry, and the dog won't catch a cold.

The animal in rubber boots looks strange, but footwear protects them, when he cuts himself. It also protects the dressing against dirt. and in winter, paw pads against the harmful effects of salt.

Dog clothes do not restrict the animal's movements. The garment, however, is not a natural garment. A walk in a coat should therefore not last longer than an hour. However, woolen sweaters are unhealthy. On a rainy day, they soak up water and form a cold compress on the dog's back.