How to choose the right dishwasher?

How to choose the right dishwasher?

Washing dishes – I don't think anyone likes to do that. An excellent choice is to buy a dishwasher, however, there are so many models on the market, it's hard to choose something specific!

Size and construction

Dishwashers usually come in width 60 or 45 cm. The smaller model is perfect for a family of two or when you don't cook much at home. A larger model will allow room from 12 do 16 place settings, so it is perfect for larger families. However, the size often depends only on how much space we have in the kitchen.

An important issue is to choose whether the model should be built-in, or not. Built-in models are gaining more interest, and when installed, they look like a cabinet or only the control panel is visible. The buildings look great both in old-style kitchens, as well as in modern interiors. However, if someone has not had a dishwasher yet and is just buying it, and there is no renovation planned, buildings often turn out to be impossible to implement, then it is better to buy a freestanding dishwasher.

Equipment and additional functions

Each dishwasher model is opened with a hinged door, inside they have a basket for dishes and cutlery, however, the number of baskets may vary, some models have accessories such as a bottle stand or a glass stand. A good solution is to select a model, in which the height of the baskets can be adjusted, so that, if necessary, additional ones can fit inside, larger pots. It is also worth checking what additional equipment can be purchased for a given model. Each dishwasher model also has different programs, although the basic ones are usually the same, many models offer, for example, a quick wash program at a higher temperature or a program for washing delicate dishes. An interesting solution are programs designed for washing children's dishes at very high temperatures. It's worth it, that the dishwasher has the function of washing incomplete loads, because it helps to save water and electricity. Additional functions such as automatic door lock while washing dishes or the degree of dirt sensor are interesting options and it is worth buying equipment with them.


An important element in the dishwasher is the filter, because it keeps debris and dirt from entering the pump. If these items enter the pump, can clog nozzles and damage equipment. The filter therefore plays a very important role and must be cleaned regularly. It is not a pleasant activity, so you can buy a model with a self-cleaning filter, which carries all residues to the sewage system by itself. The filter must be properly maintained, so that it will serve you for a long time.

Energy class and water consumption

It is worth checking the bills after purchasing the dishwasher, what is its energy class and water consumption. The best energy classes are class A, A + and A ++. Depending on the model, program and load selected, each dishwasher has a different water consumption, it should be specified in the instructions for use. In addition to these issues, you need to choose the equipment, which is not too loud, the decibel level below will be optimal 40 – 45 dB.

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