Exercises to support the development of the child – Mirror

Exercises to support the development of the child – Mirror.

I invite you to the new section – CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Each of us parents wants to raise their little one in the best possible way, that it thrives from the first moments of life. That is why in this section I would like to present and describe various exercises that stimulate the child's development. The first fun will be – Mirror.

Every child loves to look at himself in the mirror anyway, that he doesn't know, that it's his reflection. The person he sees in the reflection is treated as a new friend, she talks to and smiles at him. My baby reacts exactly like that :). However, it would be a few more months before he understood, that he can see himself in the mirror, so far it's a lot of fun for him.

How this game develops your child:

– the child looking in the mirror may concentrate

– Thanks to the exercise, the Little One gains a sense of awareness

– by moving the mirror, the baby strengthens the neck muscles

– develops the ability to track items

– drawing on a fogged mirror develops a sense of dependence between the cause, and the result.

How to do this exercise:

– move the mirror sideways and up and down, for the baby to move his head following the mirror

– breathe on the mirror, and then use your finger to draw smiley faces, hearts, stars and other pictures

– also stand with your child in front of a larger mirror, so it can see both of you

I wish you a lot of fun :).

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