Purchase of a dishwasher – the most important issues related to this

Purchase of a dishwasher – the most important issues related to this

A dishwasher is a huge time saver, but not only! Thanks to the dishwasher, you can reduce water consumption, because when washing 12 it only consumes sets 20 liters, and washing by hand requires up to five times more water. Thanks to the dishwasher, you can take care of the environment. What is worth paying attention to when choosing it?

The size and type of the dishwasher

Built-in dishwashers are the most frequently chosen type. It is there, that the dishwasher is placed in specially prepared furniture, which are indistinguishable from the rest of the kitchen furniture. It is a very aesthetic solution. Standard dimensions for each type of dishwasher are 45 or 60 cm. Smaller models are provided for 8 – 9 place settings, and bigger on 12 sets. A small compact dishwasher, about the size of a microwave oven (dimensions are 45 cm in height, 55 cm wide and 46 cm deep) it is a solution for very small kitchens or for people, who do not use dishes at home often and do not need a lot of space to wash them. In such a dishwasher, approx 5 sets, and thanks to its small size, it can be placed on a kitchen counter or hidden inside a cupboard. The final choice depends only on the personal preferences of a given person and the choice consists of many aspects. It is important to, to choose the right equipment for your requirements. Thanks to this, it will really serve for many years to come.

The water consumption of the dishwasher

One of the most important issues is, how much water does the dishwasher use. This is the reason, for which many people choose such equipment, because the water consumption is really low. Larger model with a capacity 12 I need sets 20 liters of water for the entire cycle, and washing this amount by hand requires up to four times the amount of running water. If the dishwasher has eco programs, it even consumes 5 liters of water less per wash cycle. Many models of dishwashers have the option of carrying out the so-called washing with a half cartridge, it is an excellent solution, when you want to wash the dishes without completely filling the dishwasher. Such programs are very economical. A lot of people think, that washing by hand will use less water, however, this is only an illusion, because even people who use the bowl of a sink to wash dishes use a lot of water, bo one chamber it 10 liters of water, and yet in the course of manual washing, the water must be changed at least once and additionally, rinsing water is needed. Electricity consumption is also low, because it is just from 1,1 do 1,6 kWh per wash.

When counting the costs of electricity and water consumption, everything clearly shows it, that a dishwasher is a much better solution. It can use up to four times less water, and the amount of electricity required to wash and to heat the water is less than the amount of electricity, which would be required to heat the water in manual washing. In addition, washing by hand takes a lot of time, the dishwasher allows you to minimize this activity, and special programs also allow you to wash delicate glasses and make them shine properly. In short – the dishwasher is very profitable in all respects.

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