Is it baby colic?

Is it baby colic?

Infant colic - diagnosis
It is very important to recognize colic and to distinguish it from other causes of your baby crying. There are many specifics on the market, which help to relieve the discomfort associated with colic. I personally refrained from administering the drug as long as possible ...
-a child is crying ? SO
-the baby curls its legs? SO
-the child tense? SO
-the child lets go of the gas? SO
We can't call it colic yet!
The most important symptom, which will confirm our belief that it is colic reluctance to suck the breast! If the baby stops sucking and cries, we can prepare for torture by crying ...
My midwife consoled me "the baby won't remember it" ...

Babies often have flatulence, she often lets go of the gas and cries while doing it. This is something new for him, something unknown and possibly painful. When the baby had gas, I put him on his stomach and gently massaged his back - he calmed down and he fell asleep most often. In extreme situations, I turned on the dryer ... After graduation 3,5 week of life, I decided to feed 2 Espumisan droplets - just before feeding. In this way, I effectively prevented bloating and excess gas.
In Poland, the problem with gases lasted quite a long time, because my son did not lose weight after feeding, and the swallowed air must have escaped sooner or later ...

No diet helped!! Elimination of cow's milk from the mother's diet, then gluten did not solve the problems with my baby's tummy. I I warn against elimination diets, especially in the postpartum period! To God, doctors are abnormal.. I personally developed a serious anemia, Besides, I didn't have the strength to take care of the still crying baby, I will not mention what happens to the psyche of a starving mother, who feels like she is out of control and constantly hurts her child. I still blamed myself - "his stomach hurts because I ate a carrot ...", “I had a sandwich with butter yesterday, it's for sure through butter ”and so on. As a result, I stopped eating, and the baby cried anyway ...
Debridate prescribed by a pediatrician did not help us either, in addition, it was terribly annoying to give this solution to a newborn ...

I stopped listening to the "wise" advice of doctors and took matters into my own hands. I started to eat normally - everything I wanted in small amounts. I massaged my son's tummy whenever I had time, I put it on my tummy, also for the night (there is nothing to be afraid of!) and I was giving him a probiotic!
After a week, the problem with gases disappeared forever!

How to cope?

  • tummy massage;
  • putting the baby on her tummy as often as possible, especially before feeding (the tummy massages itself, and the gases freely escape to the outside);
  • 3 daily elimination diet - e.g.. we suspect that the apple eaten by the mother was harmful. For the next three days we do not eat apples and watch. When there is no improvement, we eliminate another product and eat the apples at will,
  • dairy-free diet (we put aside all products containing milk for max. 2 weeks. After this time, we slowly introduce the milk to the mother's diet - natural yoghurt, kefir);
  • expressing infant milk, which contains the most lactose and may cause excessive gas - I definitely recommend it!! There were much less gases.
  • water the baby with fennel tea HIPP (preferably in sachets - no sugar) be a tea Plantex
  • a breastfeeding mother should drink a lot - water, the Mint tea, camomile, balm, green tea, fennel…
  • and as a last resort drugs from pharmaciesi: Espumisan, Sab Simplex, Bobotic, Gripe Water, Delicol, Infacol, probiotics
I have personally tested Espumisan and the probiotic BioGaia. The midwife assured me, that I can confidently give little Espumisan in a larger dose than is stated in the leaflet. Sab Simplex is praised, but its composition does not differ from Espumisan, and it is effective because there are increased doses abroad, it is such a curiosity..
BioGaia probiotic proved to be perfect… I regret, that I didn't decide on him right away. Only in 5 week of life we ​​started to accept this miracle and it's over 2 weeks, the problem with gases has been forgotten. We also didn't have to wait for completion 3 month of life - because as they say, any gastric problems may continue to completion 3 mc.

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