Feeding on demand - that's not for me

Feeding on demand - that's not for me

My experiences | Dlaczego karmimy na żądanie | Wady i zalety

it will be a long post ;)

My experiences:

After giving birth, my son was placed at my breast… he started to suck. It took two hours. Then we were taken to the delivery rooms. And that's where my nightmare began… every hour, and maybe more often a little wag with his tongue, and then he would let out a terrible cry! I put him to my breast whenever he wanted ... around the clock.

The second night was the worst, I no longer had the physical strength, and I could only dream of regenerating after giving birth. Potem włączyły się złe myśli… “What I got into?” – I asked myself this question every time, when I put my son to my sore breasts. Nobody was able to help me, I was only comforted, that the nipple pain will go away, I must grit my teeth and feed, because the baby is hungry. Every time he cried, the midwife would come and yell at me, why I don't have it on my breast yet! And I spoke with tears in my eyes: “He ate after all 15 min ago "… I couldn't wait to go home. I had great hope, that it will be easier for me at home.

Childbirth and hospital stay slimmed me down quickly, there was no trace of pregnancy. So what, since I was getting weaker mentally.

I continued feeding on demand until 6 week of my son's life. During the midwife's patronage visits, the blisters were weighed ... and he gained 500g - 900g every week. I was horrified, ale położna z zadowoleniem powtarzała “You are a good mother, you feed him well, grows. Tylko się cieszyć”.

At the first vaccination (w 7 week of life) eM noticed, that the little one has very thick thighs. And the weight was approaching 6 kg. Upon returning home, he shouted at me, że daję mu pierś gdy tylko zapłacze. Nothing unusual, that he has colic, stomach aches and perpetual downpour. I was angry ... but I slept with it and changed my approach the next day. I had to teach my son to fall asleep without breasts, for he wept with both hunger and exhaustion. It was hard for me to tell the difference between the two types of crying, so I made my decision, that I will feed him every 3 hours (just like my mother did, grandmother, aunt a dozen years ago). Cry between feedings, it was a sign of fatigue. The son accepted such a system right away. He was full, and when he fell asleep, he was able to sleep through the feeding time and sometimes I put him on the breast after 4 hours. Thanks to this, the son's weight remained on 90 centile and stopped growing so drastically.

I can still hear it today, that he is fat, that she has fat feet, I'm overfeeding him, that I would definitely not fatten my baby so much and silently feed him with porridges ... eh I'm deaf to such comments, but sometimes (when I'm having a bad day) obarczam się winą za jego wygląd i płaczę… after all, he was so tiny, he weighed only 3 kg, and in a few weeks I made a "monster" out of him.

Why on-demand feeding?
I have my theory for that. Someone made it up, whom most of the people endorsed. This Someone observed years ago, that more and more mothers give up breastfeeding in favor of modified milk, which began to besieged store shelves in massive numbers. Modified milk was a novelty, has become generally available. For moms, who could not hold the baby to the breast, for mums who couldn't cope with nipple pain, for mothers who got stagnation and inflammation of the breasts after a food load and other mothers, które piersią karmić nie mogły bądź nie chciały mm has become salutary! Then friend A started telling her friend B about the drastic experiences from the beginning of breastfeeding.. Friend B has already stocked mm during pregnancy and did not even think about breastfeeding.
Someone looked at it in horror, who recognized, that breast milk is the best and irreplaceable for the proper development of the baby. And one day Someone had a brilliant idea, for mothers to feed their children on demand! Dzięki temu mleko nie będzie zalegać w piersiach, mothers can handle the rush of food better, and the lactation crisis will not be the end of boiling and the beginning of bottling.
The watchword is this: Mother's milk is good for everything! Because it's not just the mother who benefits, but also a child:
The baby is thirsty?
– do not give water, teas, soczku! Mother's milk will quench your thirst.
A child is crying?
– hug them to your breasts, and it would be best if, Dear Mother, sucked your breast, and throw the soother in the trash or do not buy it at all!
The child is sick? Has a fever? Qatar?
– attach to your breast as often as possible! Mother's milk works like an antibiotic! (question: the fed babies are worse in this respect, yes?)
The baby is teething?
– there is no better pain reliever than suckling on the mother's breast!
etc.. etc.. etc.…..

The slogan "breastfeeding", “Demand feeding” is already so common, that mothers who, for equal reasons, decided to mm, they are blamed for their choice, everyone around them looks at them critically, they are offensive to them.
Pros and cons of on-demand feeding?
I am sorry to say that, but I do not see any advantages in this method.
– the mother has no time to rest,
– the mother cannot leave the house without the child,
– the mother must always be on the alert,
– mother's breasts are swollen by massive milk production. You can dream about normalizing lactation.
– mother is tired, loses energy, and at worst she catches postpartum depression, because he has no strength to fight bad thoughts, moods
– the child is overeated, their tummy hurts, colic appear
– the baby splashes with milk,
– the child has trouble falling asleep,
– the child learns to demand ... - mom responds to every call, and without murmuring, it gives the best.

with pluses?
+ the child certainly does not feel hungry.

The choice is yours, Dear Moms!
I am breastfeeding already 6 month, but the term "on demand" has long been alien to us! You can? YOU CAN!!

The baby grows and develops properly. I have time for myself, I can plan to leave the house without a child, even for a few hours (it is enough to take a little milk off , even for one feeding, find a guardian and I have over 6 hours of "free").

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