Cabbage diet

cabbageThe cabbage diet is extremely popular, mostly because of the stars, which used them (for this reason, it is also referred to as the Californian diet). The diet in question is not tiring for the body, because cabbage is a source of many vitamins. The effectiveness of the diet is confirmed by its effects - it is possible to lose up to five kilos in a week. Good advertising is the basis for the promotion of a given eating regimen, but the cabbage diet only indirectly owes it to Hollywood stars. All thanks to the main ingredient - cabbage. It is low in calories (on 100 I only play 25 calories). As if that was not enough, cabbage diet allows you to cleanse the body of toxins resulting from the previous one, not entirely healthy diet. The great advantage of the presented diet is its lack of monothematicity, because you can add almost any kind of fruit to cabbage, except for bananas. Nutritionists also recommend other variations in the form of meat and potatoes. With one little but - additions are to remain… additions, so please be careful with the proportions! The dish is not only good, it is in line with our diet. For its preparation you will need: head of cabbage, a dozen tomatoes, seler, 2-3 green peppers and spices such as pepper, basil and garlic. When we prepare the ingredients, we need to cut all of them and throw them into boiling water. The dish will be ready, when the vegetables are soft. A meal prepared in this way can be eaten throughout the entire diet period, so i advise you to stock up! Unfortunately, each diet forces us to certain restrictions. In the case of the cabbage diet, we cannot consume any salt, alcohol, bread. Also, avoid fats in any form - add skim milk to your coffee, cook the meat, not fry it in a pan. The title "cabbage" does not mean at all, that you will be forced to eat a small amount - large amounts of fruit and products with little fat and salt are available. Cabbage diet does not burden our body and compared to strict diets, like for example. lemon diet or fasting, is very, but it's very mild.